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Fresh from the garden organic ingredient in our product, we take a traditional approach, engaging
locally based spa remedies — the keep ers of age-o ld traditions and concoctions—to share the
effectiveness and peacefulness



Vinotherapie”, describes a beauty therapy process where the residue of wine making (the pips and pulp) are rubbed into the skin. The pulp is claimed to have exfoliating qualities and to help reduce the signs of ageing.

Wine therapy has also a slimming action, remodeling the figure. Thanks to these treatments, it is possible to act also against problems of elasticity and hydration of the skin and difficulties with microcirculation. The must applied to the skin also purifies it and makes it brighter.

Wine Body Massage: Wine-infused massage oils are used in this treatment. The massage aims to relax muscles, improve circulation, and enhance the overall sense of well-being, combining the benefits of massage therapy with the potential antioxidant properties of wine.

The most common treatments in facial and body wine therapy are those related to a moisturizing, exfoliating and anti-wrinkle care. However, for any of these benefits

Vinotherapy advocates around the world report a long list of health benefits from wine therapy including muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory properties, and younger, brighter and softer skin. It’s believed that vinotherapy can be traced back to ancient Roman times when physicians were said to have used wine to bathe the gladiators’ wounds. 



Banana leaf treatment, also known as “banana leaf therapy” or “banana leaf remedy,” refers to a traditional practice in some cultures where banana leaves are used for various therapeutic and healing purposes.

Aloe Vera after Sun Treatment

Aloe Vera is the gold standard treatment for sunburns and number one ingredient you need to soothe rash nad skin irritations. The sun-loving treatment is specially designed to fight sunburn and skin aging.